Located atop a magnificent perch in the capital city of Fira, Santorini, the Archipel Mansion gives guests a stunning 180-degree view of the famed Archipelagos. The ability to reflect on the Caldera, one of the most famous places for meditation in Santorini, is just one of the reasons why the mansion is considered a leading place for vacationers and celebrities to stay when they come to the beautiful Greek city.


Look out over the deep blue waters of the Aegean Sea, breathe in fresh, crisp air, and take in the exclusive views of whitewashed towns nestled against the dark bluffs that make Santorini a famous travel destination. These exclusive views can only be seen from the expansive Archipel Mansion. You will never be disappointed because of the amazing scenery and luxurious peacefulness of Santorini. The Archipel Mansion is nestled in the Fraggomahalas area of Fira. It is the most pristine and untouched part of the city giving it a more natural feel than anywhere else in the region.

Upon entering the mansion, you will immediately notice the vaulted ceilings that give the main house an uplifting and spacious atmosphere. The plush lounge chair beckons you to come inside and sit for a spell. Modern fixtures add a luxurious appeal that immediately relaxes you when you enter. Book enthusiasts will appreciate the eclectic reading lights to read by at night along with the white walls and large, bright windows that let tons of natural light into the space.

The guesthouse has a fun and uplifting vibe with zany decorations and quiet places for reflection and rejuvenation. You will undoubtedly spend a ton of time on the veranda if you stay on the first floor of the cottage. The views of the Caldera are immaculate from this spot giving you picturesque sunrises and sunsets. The second-floor cottage is just as amazing with the spacious shaded courtyard where you can eat a light lunch and sip on refreshing drinks after a morning spent on Santorini beaches.

A family of ten can easily spread out and enjoy themselves at the Archipel Mansion. With the smooth transition to twin beds in four out of the five bedrooms in the main house and the cottages, you can easily fit two adults and eight children or any combination of ten people. A large soaking tub in the master suite includes a shower head, seating for two or more, and plenty of privacy. Go for a hike, relax on the beach, play a game of volleyball, hike the cliffs, snorkel along the shores, or go for a relaxing boat ride in magnificent Sa.